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Microsoft Flight Sim 2002 is now available.

It is available in two versions, Standard and Professional.

The graphics engine was taken from the incredibly detailed MS Combat Flight Simulator 2, and what an improvement it is!!

Better start thinking seriously about that computer upgrade!!

Some of the new added details that will enhance your flying
experience are Interactive Air Traffic Control
(ATC); realistic, detailed air traffic control,

Auto-Generated Scenery; As you fly Flight
Simulator adds buildings and vegetation
appropriate to the terrain below, and Crowded
Skies; a new artificial intelligence system
generates air traffic around and between airports.


For more information and more screen shots visit:


If you are interested in obtaining more information about Sim flying contact Dustin Loftis.

For more info go to the AOPA Flight Sim 2000 page!!



For more information about Sim flying go to the experts at:

Where you can get some of the best aircraft, panels, scenery, and utilities 

for FS2002 and 2000.