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        Southwest Airlines scheme by Pumpkinfish

Welcome to Rem7UltraMag's NASCAR4 Pit. This site is dedicated to the most adrenaline pumping simulator I have seen yet. NASCAR 4 has become an obsession.

This site will be a showcase for the cars I have painted, screenshots from the game and more. You will see wrecks, victories, general car shots, links to other sites, and general update information.

Many thanks go to Brian Simpson for creating the most incredible set of detailed templates. I also want to thanks all of the awe inspiring painters at the Team Lightspeed Forums especially  John Beatty from the PitWagon, Kevin King from RacingSimz,and Gary Shultis Jr. from 3Wide Racing. If you have not visited Team Lightspeed, do it, and be prepared for it to consume a rather large part of your time just staying current with the paintjob posts.


Dale...we all miss you and I look forward to the day we meet...

Dale Earnhardt Tribute