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The Boeing Company offers their employees an incentive program to help offset the costs of
flight training so that more employees will have the opportunity to learn to fly. 

"This program is an extension of our off-hours education and development program, which is one piece of the foundation to
build a learning organization." 

All Boeing employees will be eligible to receive the following incentive payments for flight training:
$500 once they have successfully completed their first solo flight.
$1,000 once they have received their pilot's license. (The payment pertains only to the acquisition of a private pilot's license for single-engine fixed-wing aircraft.)

The incentive program applies to training provided by any instructor who is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration. The
instructor must have a valid FAA instructor's certificate. Only first solo flights and pilot's licenses obtained after Aug. 1, 1996, will be
covered. Reimbursement will not apply toward additional training for pilots who want to upgrade their ratings or for those who have
let their licenses lapse. 

The College Studies organization will be the focal point for administering the incentive payment. (BCAG employees should note that
this is a change from the former process.) Once a successful solo flight is accomplished, a copy of an instructor-signed certificate
must be sent to College Studies at M/S K25-48 to begin the payment process. 

Once a pilot's license is received, the employee must provide a copy of the license to College Studies. Along with copies of the solo
certificate or pilot's license, the employee must provide their full name, social security number, work phone number, and mail stop. 

This offer is intended to cover only a portion of the costs of learning to fly. Each student pilot is, in effect, on a self-directed learning
program, so the amount of training time and the associated cost will vary for each student. Employees should expect to pay a
substantial portion of the costs out of their own pockets. Learning to fly also requires a significant investment in time. 

Any questions regarding the flight training incentive program may be directed to Doug Kinneard at 480-891-2896 

Aero-Tech Aviation and Falcon Aviation

Both companies offer a Boeing Discount

Aero-Tech Aviation

Falcon Aviation

Located at Falcon Field in Mesa,Arizona.

Training Web Links

Some of our members have found some great training information at these websites.

Here is the list of King Take-Off Videos available!!! 


Weather Wise NTSC

Airspace Review

Commercial Maneuvers


Emergencies Video 1

Emergencies Video 2

IFR with Confidence


Making Your Own Rules

Navigation A to Z

Night Flying

Stall and Spins

Takeoffs and Landings

VFR cross Country


Private Pilot Knowledge Test Videos (6 videos)

Private Check ride Videos (3 videos)

Private Pilot CER Diskettes (4 diskettes)

Private Pilot Course book

Private PTS Book


IFR Knowledge Test Videos (7 videos)

IFR Check ride Videos (3 videos)

Instrument CER Diskettes (4 Diskettes)

IFR Course book

Instrument PTS Book


Commercial Knowledge Test Videos (5 videos)

Commercial Flight Test Video (3 videos)

Commercial CFR Diskettes (4 Diskettes)

Commercial Test Course book

Commercial Flight Test Book

Commercial PTS Book

Additional Training Items




Garmin 195 GPS

The GARMIN GPSMAP 195 is aviation's largest display moving map handheld, with a high-resolution, 4-gray display that delivers 50% more useful display area than any other handheld. That space is filled with a full Jeppesen database, a built-in Americas or International land map with geographically specific details of U.S. roads, railroads, etc. Add in over 4,500 non-precision approaches and a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver for unbeatable performance, coupled with all the accessories you need to take off, and it's easy to see why the GPSMAP 195 is the ultimate moving map portable.

A graphical HSI page offers pilots a full range of horizontal and vertical guidance, complete with a deviation bar, OBS, track bug and TO/FROM
indicator. The advanced vertical navigation feature lets you to specify your desired altitude at a given distance from a selected target and watch your progress every step of the way all on a backlit, 38,400 pixel display that's easy on the eye, even in direct sunlight.

The GPSMAP 195 also includes final segments of all published approaches, 250 user waypoints, 20 reversible flight plans of 30 waypoints each, fueland trip planning, weight and balance calculator, and much more. And it's all accessible using a few simple keystrokes. Standard accessories include a universal yoke mount, remote antenna with windshield mounting bracket, 6 AA battery pack, cigarette lighter power cable, wrist strap, and an attractive carrying case—everything you need to fly like you've never flown before.